Bioteque Drainage Catheter PTCD Kit

Flexible drainage catheter with biocompatibility, radiopacity and excellent torque transmission

  • Anti-kink catheter, with a focus on flexibility
    An exclusive polyurethane material is used to create a flexible anti-kink catheter with biocompatibility, radiopacity and high torque transmission characteristics.
  • Elliptical side holes for optimized drainage
    The elliptical side holes on the catheter increases the drainage effect.
  • Smooth percutaneous insertion
    The smooth taper provides for smooth percutaneous insertion.
  • Depth marker for accurate insertion depth (1cm unit)
  • Safety string lock system for easy fixation
    The threaded style makes it easy to maintain the pigtail shape.

Forte Grow Medical Co.

Percutaneous trans-hepatic biliary drainage catheter

A wide variety of shapes are available, as well as a variety of hardness levels to choose from.


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