Bit-Stent™ and Pit-Stent™, shaped for natural drainage

  • Single pigtail prevents inaccurate placement.
  • Straight tip makes for smooth removal.
  • Stent lengths matching the bile and pancreatic ducts.
  • Uses an original polyethylene material that improves safety when there is intestinal tract motion.

IYO-stent™, for gallbladder placement™

  • The multi-tip pigtail allows for placement regarding the size or shape of the gallbladder.
  • Processing to create a smooth tip makes it easy to insert. Embolism is prevented by spiral side holes set at 5mm intervals.
  • The pigtail section also has a side hole.

EBS, EPS product lineup

A wide range of pancreatic stents, inside stents and other products are available.

Biliary Bit-stent™
Pancreatic duct-use Pit-stent™
Gallbladder-use IYO-stent™
Three-dimensional Spiral-K™

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