MultiFunction Catheter™

MultiFunction Catheter™: multi-purpose catheter that can be used for imaging, suction and irrigation

  • High level of pushability
    A distal tip taper that eliminates the diameter gap with the guidewire, as well as specialized 0.025 and 0.035 inch tapers, helps to provide superior pushability.
  • High guidewire followability
    The use of a unique polyethylene material allows the catheter to flexibly follow the guidewire.
  • Imaging, suction, irrigation, cytology
    The arrangement of four large-diameter side holes in the distal tip section allows the catheter to be used in imaging, irrigation, aspiration and cytology.
  • Expansion to match bile duct diameter
    A wide product lineup is available with diameters from 5Fr to 10Fr, allowing selection based on the bile duct diameter.
  • Connector equipped
    The catheter comes equipped with a connector, making connection with other devices effortless.

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