Medstone C-arm surgical imaging tables

High Quality Hospital Grade Surgical Imaging Tables with Free Floating or Motorized Capabilities

The STILLE Medstone c-arm tables contribute to enhancing efficiency while representing an affordable solution with quality and reliability provided by Swedish technology.
※Photo shows Medstone3 CV

Shortening Procedure Times and Enhancing OR Efficiency

STILLE has the longest published longitudinal float for mobile surgical imaging tables. The Medstone3 CV table with free floating capabilities allows for head to toe imaging with accuracy, speed and freedom of movements to improve efficiency in the OR.

STILLE Medstone3 CV Surgical Imaging Table

  • Free floating top (industry leading longitudinal float range)
  • Motorized elevation
  • Patient weight capacity 500lb (227kg)
  • Carbon fiber table top with 1mm Aluminium Equivalence
  • Four hospital grade locking casters
  • Float control unit with magnetic locking release

Height adjustment

Lateral tilt

Longitudinal travel

STILLE Medstone Table Model Medstone1 PM Medstone2 PM Medstone3 ERCP Medstone3 CV
Part # 500-1015 500-1011 500-1007 500-1025
Table Top Size 56cm x 208cm 56cm x 208cm 66cm x 208cm 61cm x 208cm
Elevation Range 57cm-92cm 65cm-100cm 64cm-99cm 67cm -107cm
Lateral Tilt - ±15° - -
Longitudinal travel - - 40cm 91.5cm(floating)
Transverse Travel - - 20cm 20cm(floating)

Option: Carbon fiber fistula arm board with pad for imaging and injection (Part #505-1118)

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