Catheter-Related Products

Gaster CO2 injector
Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd.

Gaster was developed to allow for the easy use of small quantities of CO2.

  • Easy operation
    The required amount of CO2 for the specified use is easily readied.
  • Safety and security
    The unit provides a constant CO2 gas discharge pressure; it does not eject high-pressure gas. Use of a filter removes impurities 0.2μm in diameter and above.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Easy to carry, the unit can be installed almost anywhere.

Jawz™ single-use endomyocardial biopsy forceps Argon Medical Devices (USA)

  • The rotating thumb ring can be set to any angle.
  • Sharp cutting edges, for clean tissue samples.
  • The wide cutting cup provides a sample volume 35% greater than that of conventional models.
  • Highly safe stainless steel coil body, with enhanced tensile strength.
  • A lineup of formable stainless steel coil bodies is available, allowing for arbitrary shaping.

Argon Spring Guidewire
Argon Medical Devices (USA)

  • This moveable core-type guidewire has been treated with Teflon coating (SLIP-CORE), improving sliding.
  • The safety ribbon ensures flexibility, while also maintaining the shape of the guidewire.
  • A special coil-winding method creates a smooth surface, minimizing the risk of microthrombosis.
  • Superior Teflon coating technology provides smoother sliding of the guidewire.
  • The J tip has excellent flexibility and shape memory, as well as high strength.

VN Guidewire
Forte Grow Medical

Nuru-coat guidewire for angiography

  • Core constructed of work-hardened Ni-Ti
    Provides excellent elastic strain characteristics and stable operability.
  • Guidewire employing a round distal tip
    Suppresses blood vessel damage, while providing improved visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • Applies original coating technology
    Resistance due to friction within the catheter is very low, while pushability and slipperiness have been improved.

Angiography microcatheter
Create Medic Co., Ltd.

Two catheter types--selective and high-flow--are available

  • Selective type
    The use of a variety of outer materials and a smoothing of the distal tip through a change in the shaft hardness have created a catheter with excellent wire followability.
  • High-flow type
    This well-balanced catheter that does not impair vascular selection ensures a high flow rate, for excellent imaging even in areas with high blood flow.

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