BLOXR Radiation Protection

Safer, more comfortable and cleaner Using unique lead-free XPF® technology

  • High level of protection
    Although the two-layer structure of barium sulfate and bismuth oxide has a thickness of just 0.5mm, it provides high radiation protection, with an absorption power equal to 0.5mm of lead.
  • Lightweight, with a comfortable fit
    BLOXR products are flexible for superior fit; they are lightweight and easy to move, reducing the load on the shoulders.
  • High durability
    Resists cracking, having passed a one-million-flex durability test (this is equivalent to ten years' wear with one flex every second).
  • Hygienic
    Items can be gently washed.
  • Harmless protector
    Because these units do not use lead, they can be disposed of without being concerned about special industrial waste regulations.

XPF Frontal Apron


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