CPM for lower limb

Light, compact and highly reliable rehabilitation equipment CPM equipment from ZIEN Medical Technologies

Gadelius Medical K.K. provides compact, high-performance Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) rehabilitation equipment from ZIEN Medical Technologies of U.S.A. Gadelius first introduced this to Japan in the 1980's, and today still holds a large share of the Japanese market.

The effectiveness of CPM

For joint injury or post-operative care, it is now widely understood that a highly effective method for healing is promoted by moving the joint as soon as possible. Because of this, CPM has become essential equipment at medical treatment and rehabilitation facilities. ZIEN Medical Technologies CPM equipment comes in a range of version covering the knee joints, and is used widely both internationally and in Japan for medical treatment and rehabilitation purposes

CPM Features

  • CPM is based on the original, global-first work of Dr. Robert Salter of the University of Toronto.
  • CPM is based on a thorough understanding of the structure of human joints, and can mechanically reproduce the complex motion of the joints.

Lower-limb CPM

The ZIEN Medical Technologies limb CPM equipment handled by Gadelius is compact, lightweight, and highly reliable, and holds a large share of the domestic market. A number of customer requests have been incorporated in the L4D/L4KD, including warm-up and timer functions.We also provide 480 Knee CPM Device of excellent cost performance.

L4D Lower Limb CPM
L4KD Lower Limb CPM
480 Knee CPM Device

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