Doppler-Box™ X

A new generation : Doppler-Box™ X

Doppler technology on the highest level of innovation in an innovative design for connecting to any external Windows©-based computer.

Developed according to the highest technical standards, the Doppler-Box™ X represents an entirely new generation of digital Doppler sonography systems. Unprecedented signal quality with minimal ambient noise facilitates even faster and easier location of vessels. Significantly improved image quality with HD resolution in Doppler M-Mode permits more precise insonation and thus more accurate diagnosis.

With the Doppler M-Mode it is possible to measure throughout the entire depth range and thus detect and analyse the clinically relevant Doppler signals in no time at all. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are displayed in real time.

With the Doppler-BoxTM X the Doppler M-Mode is also available for the frequency of 16 MHz; this facilitates safe and fast detection of the finest of vessels during neurosurgical procedures, in particular.

Thanks to the greatly improved Doppler technology it is possible to measure pronounced pathological changes and the associated high flow velocities in the cerebral vasculature, which could not be displayed before on account of the so-called aliasing effect.

The innovative hardware design with no integrated computer, but with the possibility to connect to all standard Windows©-based computer systems, facilitates completely flexible and space-saving utilisation. The applications of the Doppler-BoxTM X range from routine cerebral circulation examinations across continuous monitoring through to identification and detection of emboli.

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