Gadelius Medical's Response to the Spread of the New Coronavirus


From Tuesday, February 18, the Gadelius Group will undertake the following measures to reduce the risk of infection from this new strain of the coronavirus, and better ensure the safety of our employees, customers and business partners.

  • 1. To reduce the risk of infection due to crowded trains and buses during main commuting hours, work will begin at almost all of our business locations at 10 am, with employees using staggered work hours.
  • 2. During meetings, and at conferences and exhibitions, all employees are to wear face masks.
  • 3. All Gadelius employees are prohibited from traveling to China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau), and will not travel to Asia in general unless on the most urgent business.
  • 4. For our customers and business partners returning home for business trips or travel to China, South Korea, Italy and Iran we ask that you please refrain from entering any of the Gadelius Group companies for 14 days after re-entering Japan. When our employees are to meet with our customers or business partners, regardless of the location of the meeting, we may inquire regarding travel to China, South Korea, Italy and Iran within the previous 14 days.
    (From Match 03, South Korea, Italy and Iran are added.)
  • 5. For larger meetings that are to be attended by many employees, we will either postpone the meeting or hold the meeting by video conference.
  • 6. In general, all social gatherings both within and outside the company are postponed until further notice.
  • 7. Employees are to wash and disinfect their hands regularly, to ensure good hygiene.

Please note that these measures may be reviewed and altered in the future, depending on changes in the situation.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do ask for your understanding of the very serious nature of this situation, and our need to act quickly and firmly.

Thank you.