Nicolet EDX® EMG System

Nicolet EDX® EMG System

The Nicolet EDX® EMG System is the industry-leading electrodiagnostic system used to measure nerve and muscle function and can also provide intraoperative monitoring for the operating room. The Nicolet EDX is powered by VikingĀ® or Synergy Software with a variety of study/exam options providing fast and efficient workflow. This hardware/software platform combines a familiar clinical workflow and user interface to provide innovative features developed to reduce artifacts, reduce operator errors, and improve ease of use. Viking Software not only provides exceptional quality electrodiagnostic studies for routine examinations, but also for challenging cases in difficult clinical environments, even including in the operating room for IOM studies.

Key Features:

  • Efficient clinical workflow from patient entry to report
  • Advanced technology amplifiers with high resolution signals
  • Two amplifier options provide basic or advanced EMG / NCS / EP testing
  • Comfortable, ergonomic electrical stimulator probes
  • Two trustworthy user interfaces: Viking or Synergy
  • Integrated SQL database with networked access and data review
  • HL7® Gateway and advanced connectivity
  • Citrix® compatibility providing remote access from anywhere
  • 16-channel clinical EP/IOM amplifier option

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