FMwand® Hemostatic Dissector

FMwand® Hemostatic Dissector

The FMwand is an intelligent thermal dissection device that precisely cuts and coagulates with a fraction of the tissue injury compared to monopolar electrosurgery, without passing any electrical current through the patient.

Laser-Like Precision

  • ・Tactile control with minimal tissue drag
  • ・Surface only thermal effect
  • ・Predictable, char-free layer-by-layer dissection with optimal visualization of tissue planes
  • Safe to use near nerves, vessels, and all delicate organs, including the heart

Minimal Thermal Injury

  • ・As little as 1/10th the thermal injury of monopolar electrosurgery
  • ・As few as 80 microns (0.08 mm) of thermal spread
  • ・Clear margins for reliable pathology specimens
  • Surgeons note less unintended damage to tissue, leading to reduced use of blood products during surgery, and less post-operative edema and drainage

Electrical Silence

  • ・No electrical current passes through tissue
  • ・No grounding pad
  • ・No spark, arcing, or stray current
  • Surgeons and anesthesiologists report no generation of dysrhythmia, and no interference with electrophysiological monitoring, ultrasound imaging, cochlear implants, or CIEDs

Using the FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System

The FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System combines state-of-the-art surgical technology with unparalleled ease-of-use and simplicity.

Prepare the FMwand by following these simple steps:

  • 1. Plug the FMX Power Module into the front panel of the FMX Generator
  • 2. Snap the power module into the back of the FMwand Handpiece
  • 3. Set the power settings on the generator and the FMwand is ready

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